Think About the Future With These Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts

You may be enjoying the excitement of being newly married, and looking forward to your future life together, but spare a thought just for a moment, for future anniversary years. 25 years may seem like a long way down the line, but you’ll be surprised how quick it comes around. And leading up to your silver wedding anniversary there will be lots of anniversary years to celebrate in between.

gift for herCelebrating your anniversary is a very important part of your life, and when you’ve reached the milestone of 25 years together it’s time to roll out the red carpet, and celebrate in style. The union of marriage has unfortunately lost its significance in recent years, and with the divorce rate currently estimated at around 50%, things aren’t looking too rosy for marriage in the future. All the more reason to pull the stops out for any and all of your wedding anniversaries. But here on this particular page we’ll be concentrating our efforts on 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas. We’d like to help make your anniversary day special, and share some ideas that will surprise and impress your other half. So without further ado, let’s get down to business.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

When it comes to celebrating wedding anniversaries there’s plenty of help available, not just ours. There are modern and traditional gift lists, as well as reams of information on the web. Trouble is there is so much, that it’s often difficult to know where to start.

Symbols Associated with a 25th Wedding Anniversary

When it comes to celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary, the predominant and most popular symbol is silver. Hence the name ‘silver wedding anniversary’. Both modern and traditional gift lists include it, but there are other options. For an anniversary gemstone there is tsavorite and green garnets, and for an anniversary flower the symbol is the beautiful iris. Another option if you’d love to give flowers as silver wedding anniversary gifts is the versatile rose. And for this special event there are heaps of great names to choose from. ‘Happy Anniversary’ and ‘Silver Jubilee’ are just a couple of examples.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him and for Her

Silver-dipped rose as giftJewelry is always a great option when it comes to buying gifts, and because this is your silver wedding anniversary why not give your spouse a piece made from silver? Bangles, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings – so much to choose from. There is something for everyone, regardless of taste and budget.

You can also find silver items for the home. Such as plates, glasses, goblets, picture frames, cutlery, trinket boxes and napkin rings. And a gift doesn’t necessarily have to be made of silver. As long as it’s silver in color we think you pretty much got it covered. So how about a silver colored espresso machine, ice-cream maker or food blender?

And what if flowers are your thing? There is a really exquisite gift available from Eternity Rose. A rose bloom that’s been carefully dipped in silver. A great way to preserve the beauty and importance of your gift. And let’s not forget the man in your life. He deserves a gift surely?

Jewelry is not a favorite of all men, but that doesn’t mean you’re to worry about it being difficult. Silver tie-pins, cufflinks and even a silver watch. Or maybe he’d love an engraved silver pen, lighter or pocket knife.

Other Ways to Celebrate Your Silver Anniversary

  • Renew your wedding vows – when your 25th wedding anniversary comes around this will be a great opportunity to renew your wedding vows. Saying ‘I do’, all over again and choosing some new words to say to each other, now your a quarter of a century into your relationship.
  • Take a trip to somewhere ‘silver’ – Silver Springs in Florida or Maryland, Silverstrand Beach in California, or how about a trip down a Silver Mine?

Time to Gather Your Memories After 25 Years Together

Are all the memories you share dotted in various places? Time to gather them together in a silver anniversary album. There are some glorious designs up for grabs, and you can even have your album personalised. The pictures should highlight all the good times you’ve shared with family, friends and not forgetting each other. And if you’d prefer to have your memories on show, put them together in a silver anniversary collage.

Another great idea is a memory quilt. With the quilt squares dedicated to different occasions. You might not be a seamstress, but photos can be transformed by printing them on material.

And there’s also a wish tree, which is an awesome way to remember days gone by, and make plans for the future. Find an interesting shaped branch and paint it silver. Attach silver ribbons and ornaments, and fill the branches with reminders of significant events in your life. Pictures of people who mean the most to you, tickets for future events, gift coupons for restaurants and places to visit.

A Silver Wedding Anniversary Poem for You to Share

happy coupleOne by one each year flew by,
Since you both said “I do”…
25 years of memories,
Shared by the two of you.
From big events and holidays
To simple daily pleasures,
Some tearful times along life’s way,
Some joys that can’t be measured…
One by one each year now gone,
But still they’re yours forever…
Each and every memory,
Of a quarter Century together!

Happy Silver Anniversary!

Your silver wedding anniversary is a great time to celebrate the strength of your marriage and the value of your union. Who’d have thought a quarter of a century ago, this day would really come? But in spite of all that life has thrown at you, you’ve stayed true to each other. We wish you all the best on this very special day, and that life will continue to be pleasurable and full of positive moments. And when you reach the next milestone of 50 years, don’t forget to come back here again.