Looking for Unique Wedding Gift Ideas? You’re in the Right Place

Did you believe them when they said that any gift would be good enough? Of course that’s what they’re going to say, but really they’re only being nice. What they really want is a gift that will remind them of their special day. But don’t worry because wedding gift ideas don’t have to be traditional, they can be unusual and unique too. And if you find the most perfect gift every, you’re going to be right at the top of their favors list. But of course it’s not all about being the best, or the favorite, or even getting a gift in return. The aim of your gift is to find something that’s going to be appreciated, not just for one day, but for many days yet to come.

Remember to keep the gift within your budget, as it’s not the price tag but the thought that counts. There are plenty of fun and unusual gift ideas to suit every budget. What about a few suggestions?

  • Unique Wedding Gift IdeasA custom made gift – why not save the wedding invitation, particularly if it’s a bit special and frame it together with a picture of you? You could have the frame engraved with their names, or make it yourself from a collection of the wedding photos. This gift will have to made after the event, but it’ll be a great surprise when they return home from their honeymoon.
  • Gift cards – if your budget allows, why not give them a gift card, for money off a future holiday, flights or day away from home? If this kind of expense is a bit out of your league then you could always give them a gift card from a travel shop. So they can head over and buy themselves something useful for their holidays.
  • The gift of an experience – this kind of gift is becoming very popular, and will give the happy couple something to look forward to, when all the excitement of being newlyweds has died down. It could be a spa day, an adventure, the chance to try out some new dishes at a well-known restaurant, or the opportunity to learn something new together.

Things to Bear in Mind When Looking for Wedding Gift Ideas that are Unique

Of course you’ve always got the option of taking a look at the couple’s gift list, if they’ve got one. But you might prefer to give them something a little more unique. And something a little unexpected. So what should you be thinking?

  • Stick to your budget. Although it’s very tempting to go all out, and find a gift that is really expensive it’s not going to be appreciated if you’ve had to take out a second mortgage to pay for it. Get the happy couple something small that fits your budget, and you’ll still have enough left to buy them a drink at their reception party.
  • Bear in mind the age of the couple. A young couple who are just starting out, are going to need completely different things that a couple of old timers. If they’re young and just setting up home together, then things for the home will be the order of the day. And that doesn’t mean boring either. Get them some unusual dinnerware, glasses or some fun gadgets for the kitchen. And if the couple are a little older and already been there, done that and got the tee-shirt, a gift card or voucher might be more appropriate.
  • A cash gift. If you know where they’re planning to go for their honeymoon, giving them a gift of the local currency is a great idea. Or be imaginative in the amount that you give. For example $12.34 or $123.45 would be fun, or a glass jar filled with coins rather than notes.
  • A gift they can share. To celebrate their newly found union give them a gift they can share, such as an experience.

gold galf ball gift

Unique Gifts with the Personal Touch

The giving of a wedding gift is a way you can give them your best wishes for the future. You’re recognising the importance of their union and wishing them all the best in their new life together. You’re not repaying them for inviting you, or trying to help with the cost of the wedding. It should be seen as a gesture of goodwill and a way of giving your blessing. Gift giving is also considered deeply symbolic. In Europe, presents are given to symbolize prosperity and good luck.

The important thing is that the gift you choose has been carefully chosen and a lot of thought and consideration has gone into the it. Many couples choose to use a gift registry or wedding gift list, but there are other ways that guests can show how much they care. Provided of course the newly weds won’t mind. Buying a unique wedding gift is a great way to show that you really care about them and you understand the importance of their special day.

Let’s Finish up With Some Wedding Gift Ideas That are Unique

Are there any limitations when it comes to unique wedding gifts? Not really. The only thing that is going to make an impact is the size and strength of your imagination.

If you haven’t got much faith in your imagination consider one of the following:
Unique Wedding Gift Idea

  • If the couple like to travel – how about a world map, so they can plan all their future travelling adventures? And as they make their travels they can use the map to mark where they’ve been.
  • For the couple who love their food – what about a few cooking classes, or a gourmet tour? They might also appreciate a gift hamper containing tasty treats or the ingredients needed to create a special meal.
  • Are they nature lovers? – how about a birdhouse for the garden, or an african adventure? A birdwatching day or even the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of their favourite animals.

Looking for unique wedding gifts can be a tad mind-boggling. Anything is possible and it can be difficult to know where to start. Have faith in your understanding of the couple and the union of marriage and we’re sure you’ll find the right gift.