Looking for Great Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts?

Here we’re going to take a big leap into the future. Half a century has passed and you’re soon to be looking forward to your 50th wedding anniversary. Or maybe you found your way to this page, because your 50th anniversary is much more imminent. Whatever the reason, we’re sure we’ll be able to help.

Celebrating a fiftieth wedding anniversary is a big occasion, and one of the most celebrated anniversaries right across the globe. And why shouldn’t it be? 10 decades have passed and life hasn’t always been on your side, so rejoice and be proud of the achievement.

You’ve obviously got a strong bond, love and friendship. All those around you can only admire you for all that you’ve been through, so take the bull by the horns and have a big party. Or if you’d prefer the festivities to be a little more low key, invite a few close people round for dinner, or just enjoy each others company, and reminisce the moments that have passed.

But don’t forget to add the exchanging of gifts to whichever option you choose, because it’s an important part of the day. Read on if you’re stuck for ideas on the type of gift to give to your beloved and for some other ideas on how to mark your big day.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas with a Golden Theme

50th anniversaryBoth traditional and modern gift lists have gold as their symbol. Probably why it’s most often called a golden wedding anniversary. Gold is most often associated with wealth, optimism and success. Which raises no questions about why it was chosen. Its other qualities of strength and beauty, also tie in beautifully with a 50th
anniversary. If you choose to give a gift that is made from gold then you’re recognising the symbolism of this particular material.

You won’t go far wrong if the gift that you give incorporates gold, and you won’t be disappointed with the choices. Whether you choose to look around your local stores, visit a big city center or do your shopping online, you’ll be amazed at the wealth and variety of golden gifts on offer. Gold jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, with gemstones, plain, or highly decorated. There’s something to suit all tastes and styles. There’s also gold anniversary plates and plaques, keepsake boxes, pictures and photo frames, coins, glasses and vases. And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

Did You Know There’s a 50th Anniversary Flower?

As with many of the other wedding anniversaries, there’s a flower that’s traditionally associated with the event. Carnations for a 1st wedding anniversary, Sunflower for the 3rd, Freesia for the 7th, Daffodils for the 10th, silver for the 25th and so on right up until the 50th. Which is actually a violet. You can give flowers in a number of different ways, such as a huge bouquet, a simple bunch, real plants to enjoy growing in the garden, and there’s even flowers that have been dipped in gold.

Gold-dipped rose anniversary gift

The Eternity Rose is one such company that offers natural rose blooms, preserved for eternity in a coating of gold. They also offer silver and platinum dipped roses, along with jewelry made from rose petals.

If you feel that violets are much better left where they grow naturally there are other blooms you can choose from. Here’s a list of a few names you could ask for at your local florist, or take a look and see if you can buy them online.

  • Golden Wedding Anniversary
  • Golden Kiss
  • Golden Handshake
  • Golden Anniversary
  • Golden Celebration
  • Golden Future
  • Golden Symphony
  • Golden Beryl

When it comes to a 50th wedding anniversary, you might feel there is more involved than the giving of gifts. And what is there you really need or want anyway? Cherishing your memories might be far more worthwhile, than trudging back and forth along the high street, searching for the perfect gift for your wife or husband.

Great Ways to Mark a Golden Wedding Anniversary

Did you realise you can request official recognition of such an important date? In Australia and Canada you can request an anniversary message from the Governor General, and in the United States you can ask for a message to be sent to the happy couple from the President. How cool is that?

Golden Wedding Anniversary giftHow about renewing your vows, or holding the biggest and grandest family party ever? Invite family members and friends from near and far, and decorate the venue with as much gold as possible. It might be that you fancy something a little quieter. In which case why not hire your owner chef for the evening, or a ready made picnic to share on the beach? You’ll be able to enjoy each others company, without any interruptions, and reminisce over days gone by.

Or why not create a family quilt, family tree or time capsule? If you don’t feel up to this crafty challenge, there are bound to be lots of friends or relatives who will gladly pitch in. These are also great 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for future generations. As they are sure to be handed down as part of your family treasure.

Did you know that you can have a day dedicated to you and your special occasion? As the day is so special and worthy of remembering, why not make it your own? Every day is recorded in the International Day Registry, so you can be sure there’s only one. You get your very own certificate, on high quality parchment, and personalised for your special golden wedding anniversary.

When it comes to celebrating anniversaries, whether it’s your first, fifth, fifteenth or fiftieth, take the time to show your special someone how much you care. Gifts are seen as a way to strengthen your bonds and recognise your love. But that’s not to say gift giving should be reserved just for these special kinds of days. On the contrary. We all love to receive gifts from people we love, and of course it’s all about giving them too. Just as much enjoyment is achievable, on which ever side of the exchange you stand.